Nice, France Day One | Travel Guide.

Living in England and having Europe right on our doorstep we are fortunate enough to be able to travel more often to several beautiful European destinations.

I have always wanted to go to South of France and explore the beauty of the French Rivera. This July we wanted to treat us with a short city break for our personal achievements. We wanted to go to a city where there is bit of history, city life as well as beaches nearby. And after searching for a while Nice was the perfect destination. We were in Nice for 3 days which was ideal for us but of course more would be better. Everything in Nice was so picturesque from beautiful architecture, narrow alleyways to breathtaking beaches. It was just a perfect break. Both of us were blown away by the mesmerising beauty of Nice and will surely be back soon.

Day One


We started our day walking around Place Masséna which was the main square of Nice. This was what I felt like the shopping district with lots of high street and designers shops. Along with shopping, there were lots of beautiful Italian architecture buildings lined with palm trees and stone pines giving you a Mediterranean vibes. This place was busy and buzzing with lots to do and see. From shopping to admiring the beautiful buildings, fountains and backdrop of the beautiful hills at far.

Shopping and beautiful architecture at Place Masséna.

Fountains du Soleil, Place Masséna.

Narrow Alleways towards the old town of Nice.
Then we headed towards the Promenade des Anglais also known as the famous English walkway which was about 2 minutes walk from the main square.


Strolling around Promenade des Anglais🌴

Admiring the beautiful scenery.

Love the contrast of white loungers against the blue sea.

Turquoise blue sea.

Crystal clear water.


Heading towards the Port and the view was just jaw dropping.

Narrow Rowing boats in the Port.

Sunset view at the Port.
Overall, day one of exploring Nice was packed with lots of sightseeing, chilling in the Promenade and admiring the mesmerising this beautiful city Nice.

P.s This was our first attempt on writing a travel blog post. We are just trying to share our travel experiences with you. We hope this was somewhat useful and interesting for you to read. Thank you for taking your time to visit our blog. Please feel free to comment below with your comments and feedback if you find this useful and also how we can improve for our many more blogpost to come. See you on the next one; Day two of Nice Travel Guide 😃.


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