Nice, France Day Three | Travel Guide.

Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying reading our travel diaries so far. This is the last chapter of our South of France travel adventures.

On our last day we took a short busride to a neighbouring village ‘ Villefranche Sur mer’. This was one of the places to go on our bucket list of things to do in Nice. We took the bus from Port de Nice which costs us around €1.50 each one way and was 15 minutes ride away. The busride was very scenic and we enjoyed the panaromic views over Nice and Villefranche.

Villefranche is one of the most beautiful places we have visited. Everything is so charming and picturesque. It is classed as one of the most beautiful bay in the world. If there is one thing you could do when you are around Nice then please visit Villefranche, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

In some ways, Villefranche reminded me of the well known Italian destination ‘Positano’ but the French version. We came across a random viewpoint from where we wintnessed the beautiful panaromic view of the slopes and hills of Villefranche. I kid you not, we were blown away again by how beautiful this place was.

Balcony view Goals.

View of houses in Villefranche from a random viewpoint.
We then wandered around the narrow roads and stumbled upon beautiful houses. 

We then walked down as the village is slightly in a vertical angle, cascading down the hillside to the bay and the sea. There were lots of authentic and international restaurants with fresh local produce. The vibe here was amazing. We stopped over for a lunch and then relaxed around the waterfront quay soaking in the beautiful sights.

I will let the picture ⬇️ do the talking now as it’s beauty need no words.

Such a charming village.Mesmerised and astonished by this beautiful place.

Villefranche was definitely the highlight of this trip. This was the most beautiful seaside villages  we have visited and we highly recommend you visit Villefranche when you are around the area. It is very close to both Moncaco and Nice and inexpensive to travel there via either Nice or Monaco. I cannot wait to go back and explore more. Thankyou for reading our Nice travel diaries. Please do follow us for more travel adventures and do leave a comment if you like this post.

Love from team officialtravellersparadise.


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